A Week in Puglia in Autumn

Posted in SharonSpeak, Travel on October 26th, 2009 by Sharon Feinstein

Where’s Puglia, people said quizzically, when I decided to get out of London for an autumn break. Now home, I’m wondering that myself, Where is Puglia, Why aren’t I still there, I want to go back. It’s the Salente Salentino, so luscious and smooth it beats all the French red wines. It’s the ever so sweet, bright red tomatoes served up with creamy buffalo mozzarella or hand made pasta, and mixed with all those rough herbs from the scorched land down there. It’s the deep blue Adriatic, with its fishing boats clustered round the small harbours. The twisted olive trees, orchards of lemons and oranges, big white masserias ( farmhouses ) and pink golden stone towns. All this and such warm people who always seem happy to help, patiently listening to my feeble Italian. I even managed to find a fantastic Prada coat in Bari at an outlet which made me glow inside. Staying at Il Melograno, outside Monopoli is like going straight to heaven. A big white masseria with extended buildings, all so stylish, and awash with paintings and antiques. It’s so relaxed and comfortable you feel like you’re in a millionaire’s home and it’s all yours for just a moment in time. I loved exploring all the ancient towns down the shadowy alleys that weave to the Piazzas, with bars and cafes, buzzing late into the cool night. You should take a trip to Il Melograno and see for yourself, it’s so beautiful, it will echo in your mind forever afterwards. I have been three times now and next time I might just stay. I have a special offer on my website if you want to book for Il Melograno, go to www.sharonfeinstein.co.uk/platinum pages

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