What happened to Jeff Kinney when he made millions on Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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How many people would love to make millions? Become multi-millionaires after all those years of trying to get their talent recognised. Those bleak times when doors were being slammed in their faces, and hope dashed with one breezy line or other like, Sorry, no thanks, good luck. Then, suddenly, that shining mesmerising moment when the break-through happens, gathering momentum, with all the accompanying fanfare and the cash pouring in. Now they can live the dream.
It happened to children’s writer, Jeff Kinney, whose crafty, funny, witty books, The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, have even beaten Obama’s autobiography in the charts and knocked Dan Brown off the Number One slot.
The unusual, extraordinary difference is that Jeff wants none of the glamour, glitz, and luxury his sudden fortune could bring. The private planes, diamonds, Armani wardrobes, house in Malibu, penthouse overlooking Central Park, chauffeurs to drive his young sons to school. In fact he can think of nothing worse. He wants to live in Plainville, wear Dads’ jeans, drive an old car and keep his boys’ lives as simple and ordinary as possible. He wants to help out with the school baseball team, eat the same food and keep his head down. Next year, when Fox releases the movie of the sensational, fast-selling books, he’s going to have to try even harder to remain anonymous. But in this day of celebrity madness, consumerism and lack of spirituality, Jeff’s a cool guy who stands apart.

Here another clip of my interview with Jeff where he discusses how the fame of his book series has impacted his life:

Jeff Kinney Interview – Clip #3

Listen to the previous two audio clips from my interview with Jeff Kinney.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid, sold more copies than Barak Obama

Posted in Interviews on October 14th, 2009 by Sharon Feinstein

There’s an underground army of kids , a kind of ground swell, who have voted with their pocket money for author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney, of the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
So sure of their choice are these kids that 2 weeks after the first book came out in April 2007 it went to the top of the best seller list and has been there ever since.
The kids have bought twice as many books as Barak Obama has managed to sell, so what does that tell you about the President’s supporters.
Jeff Kinney should be head of State after selling 25 million books, and reaching out to 100,000 kids, future voters, a day, who log onto the Wimpy Kid online.
The money has taken him into the super rich league but he doesn’t want cars or jet planes and his wife, Julie, isn’t interested in diamonds and designer clothes.
They are giving to Charity, they want to help sick children, they have their morals and values intact.
Fox has made the Hollywood movie and it’s to be released in the New year, so it’s most probably goodbye J K Rowling and Harry Potter and hello Wimpy Kid.
I interviewed Jeff and found him funny, charming and very likeable.
Here’s a sample for those of you who can’t meet him yourselves, but hang on his every word via his alter ego, Greg.

Jeff Kinney Interview – Clip #1

Jeff Kinney Interview – Clip #2

Update: I’ve recently posted another audio clip from my interview with Jeff Kinney.

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