Leaving for Thailand

Flying to Bangkok tonight. Had not one wink’s sleep last night as I was a mixture of excited and anxious. Aeroplanes dont seem to be able to stay in the sky at the moment. And last trip to Thailand I saw two sharks, one of which was a black finned dangerous one and it slid straight by me. So the excitement was swirling around with those horrible stabs of anxiety and I just tossed and turned and watched the time moving by very slowly.  Now it’s time to have some coffee and get ready so excitement is the all prevailing thing. Will try and blog from there but have fun yourselves and Sawadee Ka

2 Responses to “Leaving for Thailand”

  1. Zeba Ali Says:

    have a lovely time! can’t wait to hear all about it! x

  2. Johnny Ray Says:

    Have a good trip and enjoy.
    Johnny Ray

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