A Serious Man, How Good are You when all is going wrong

Love The Coen Brothers’ latest film, A Serious Man, hysterical, cringe-making, poignant and so sad. Everything goes wrong, there just can’t be any more bad luck, but then there is. And where is God, not to mention a decent rabbi ? We have a truly good man, beset by a series of disasters, one after another they keep coming. The old Yiddish folk song says, The world is still here, we have reason to hope just as long as we inhabit it. And the good man keeps hoping. The movie starts with a difference of opinion between a man and his wife about a holy man who comes to their little hovel in the driving snow. The wife insists the man is long since dead and that this is a dybbuk occupying his body. In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a malicious, possessing spirit, the dislocated soul of a dead person which attaches itself to the body of the living.
The serious man’s dybbuk is his unceasing drive to do the right thing, no matter what. But when he can no longer cope with the crushing blows from every corner of his world, he pleads with the old Rabbi to see him. The Rabbi cannot, he is too busy thinking. When the Rabbi grants his son an audience on the day of his Barmitzvah, his wisdom says, simply, Live with yourself and do the best you can.
This is a film about morality, life and luck. How you keep to what you know is the right path and hope until the end. It’s one to keep you up all night.

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