A Cretan love affair, The Elounda Mare

Relaxing on a boat

This year I went to the Elounda Mare on my own, but never once did I feel alone in this glorious hotel where the staff sweep you up with their warmth, and the dramatic views over the Bay of Mirabello infuse you with that Cretan magic. For all the scare mongering about the Greek crisis the atmosphere couldn’t have been more buoyant, with an overall air of tranquillity, sophistication and well-being pervading the hotel.

Fun on the water

I swam for hours across the bay in the glinting sunshine, not a cloud in sight after months of drumming British rain. I water skied, sailed on Yanni’s 40 foot yacht based at the Mare’s water sports, ate in the excellent Relais Chateaux restaurants ( Old Mill, Yacht Club and Calypso at the neighbouring Peninsula) and read copiously.
I also made some delightful new friends at the cool Karavia bar where charming mixologist, Demetris, can concoct whatever you desire and always with a smile.

Making new friends

There is nowhere like this haven on the Med where you feel you are welcomed into a home from home of real style and class, and that you become part of its extended guest family.
The Mare has a wonderful sense of space, its private bungalows and secret bays spread out amongst elegant gardens of bougainvillea, carob trees, pines, olives, eucalyptus, all with their alluring scents and textures.

Dramatic views

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  1. Michael Burke Says:

    This was a terrific holiday review and it seems an amazing place. I’d like to plan to go there with my family. This report says it’s definitely a place to go… thanks for posting this review it was really helpful.

  2. Monty Lasovsky Says:

    Looks like paradise to me.
    Exacyly where is it and what is the minimum age to be allowed there?

  3. Brian Murphy Says:

    Sounds like an idyllic place to spend some time. I definitely plan to visit soon. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Ron Stern Says:

    Thanks – this is exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Andy Birnie Says:

    Sounds incredible – I have visited Elounda and it is a truly beautiful place. This review definitely makes me want to return and stay at the Elounda Mare.

  6. Sharon Feinstein Says:

    it really is, try it

  7. Margaret Cliffe Says:

    Sharon, you have such a magical way of describing everywhere you go! And of course I want to go to all the places you’ve been to! But I particularly like the sound of this one. It sounds like complete bliss, I might just have to make a reservation. I can’t believe you waterski so well! What can’t you do?

  8. Sharon Feinstein Says:

    well thank you how sweet is that

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