Scoop on deluxe hotels

I’ve been to some exotic, magnificent places and stayed in sublime hotels, as a journalist doing travel pieces. In the course of my journeys I’ve hand-picked  the best of these establishments, as well as some lovely restaurants, and am slowly putting them on my site on the Platinum Pages. Because of my position I’ve been able to get some unique offers to go with these choices. The hotels I’ve chosen will be put up over the course of the next year and the offers  for you will keep coming. It’s far better than being talked into something by a travel agent who has never stepped foot in the place. I’ve been there, tried everything out and made it one of my specials. The offers are for you and as long as you quote the Voucher Code I’ve been given, you can benefit from them and spend time in a truly lovely place, surrounded by the best, at a genuinely cut-rate price. This is something unique. You don’t have to sign up, pay me, do anything. Just take a chance and have a great time.


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