Brad Pitt FURY

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Second blast-away movie in 1 week, David Ayer FURY is searing, gripping and bloody astonishing. April ’45 the US push in Germany where men are fighting to the death in the last throws of horror. Pitt is a proper actor here and not the same inevitable Brad Pitt in every movie, and the men come together in terror and horror and grow their love and bonds with each other. Another night of sobbing for me. Well done to David Ayer, Oscar material

Maggie Smith

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Maggie_SmithHow dumb am I or should I be proud of this ignorance? Maggie Smith agrees to selfie with me on my iPhone
I look and her and say , but I don’t know how to do it, do you ? Absolutely not she says and has to leave! So this is all I got! Someone else who did bloody well know how to capture her filming as Primrose Hill bag lady.


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Homeland ! Bring it on! But please can Carrie just stop this acerbic explosive weird behaviour as its getting a bit tiresome

Sunday Times Page 21 – see my piece against fois gras and its unspeakable cruelty – TV stars buy from foie gras butcher

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Sunday Times Page 21 – see my piece against fois gras and its unspeakable cruelty – TV stars buy from foie gras butcher

Sharon Feinstein Published: 19 October 2014


O’Shea: ‘geese not harmed’ O’Shea: ‘If I thought an animal was being abused I wouldn’t sell it’

ANDREW MARR and the X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary are among celebrities defying protests over the sale of foie gras at a butcher’s shop owned by a friend of Jamie Oliver.

The television presenters are buying meat from Jack O’Shea despite protests in Primrose Hill, north London.

Far from being deterred, O’Shea says he is determined to bring foie gras from France for his clients. Oliver signed a photograph of O’Shea in his shop to show support.

Marr, the BBC presenter who moved to Primrose Hill last year after suffering a stroke, said: “People have wanted a butcher in Primrose Hill for a very long time. For me the abysmal treatment of chickens in factory farming is a far bigger issue.”

O’Shea said: “Eighty-five per cent of people here want foie gras. Jamie [Oliver], Mary Portas, Dermot O’Leary, [the comedian] Russell Howard and Andrew Marr wouldn’t come in if they objected.”

Production of foie gras is illegal in the UK because of the suffering of geese as workers push pipes down their throats three times a day to pump in grain and fat, causing their livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Birds have difficulty standing, tear out their own feathers and cannibalise each other from stress. Selling foie gras is legal.

Peter Egan, who lives nearby and plays Hugh “Shrimpy” MacClare in ITV’s Downton Abbey, was appalled. “It dismays me to think that someone I admire as much as I do Andrew Marr should come back from a life-changing stroke only to embrace an appetite that gives no such option to the animals killed to satisfy his taste buds,” he said. “Only humans, celebrating their careless appetite to titillate their taste buds, subjugate all other creatures to horrendous violence.”

O’Shea said: “ If I thought an animal was being abused I wouldn’t sell it. I went out to the farm in France and [when] the farmer whistles for his geese they come galloping down the hill for feeding time. They sit on his lap and he gets this thing and pops it down their gullet.
But Egan hit back. “Mr O’Shea should try having his gut stuffed with grain, through a hose, before declaring it doesn’t bother the duck.”

Jane Frampton, 33, who founded the London Vegan Actions group with sister Phoebe, 23, said: “ We will carry on until we stop him.”

Israel the wrong direction for Ire

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What barbaric logic allows a leadership to use children, women and babies as weapons of war and even praise them for their martyrdom! I am baffled as to why the people of Gaza don’t turn on Hamas! Is it because they’re too busy trying to shelter without any bomb shelters or warning sirens as are in place in Israel and would be in any civilised country under threat? Or is it because they’re unable to have a voice against the brutal terror group ? People must stop misplacing their natural heartfelt compassion with the dying Palestinians as a right to turn against Israel and direct their high emotion towards the truly evil Hamas, who will stop at nothing to destroy Israel including slicing through the hearts of their own people . And by the way well done to Jon Voight- who has always been very good to me- for standing up for Israel and it’s beleaguered PR fight in the rest of the world

Iran, too much for too little concession

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Iran still just a few turns away from a nuclear bomb, holding onto all thier advances over the last 5 years. Does Obama just need a boost to his ailing Presidency! Not in the slighest convinced by his assurances of ‘ a peaceful Iran nuclear programme ‘ from now on. Too little for too much concession, the sanctions vice loosened too soon. I am sure the Ayatollahs are having a hate fest at the West’s easy roll over


Amy Winehouse

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loaded a new page to my website under Showbiz

End the bleeting about horsemeat and become a vegetarian

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I haven’t eaten meat for fifteen odd years and try very hard not to scowl and mutter when my friends get stuck into a juicy steak, even the ones who are doting dog lovers and dare to drone on about how much they adore animals. Until they fancy a burger that is!
But frankly I can no longer keep my mouth shut about the furore over horse meat.

It beats me what is everyone so outraged about.
It’s not the horse drug Bute because our chief medical officer says people would have to scoff 500 horse burgers a day to be affected by this.
Nor is it a tender sense of outrage over the poor horses who are being slaughtered and hung upside down to dry off, or people wouldn’t be eating all the other creatures they love to get their teeth into. Why are horses any different?
( Incidentally I saw a press screening of Hally Berry’s new movie Cloud Atlas where they hang  naked human bodies upside down  in 2044, clasped around the ankles and all dangling in rows before being fed to a meat grinder. How horrible is that, but then people do that to animals without any qualms, so there you go)
Apparently the horse meat outrage is because all the millions of sensitive, just, meat eaters have been lied to!
There lies the rub. But haven’t we all been lied to on a daily basis  for a very long time, by bankers, politicians, businessmen, even our partners it seems.
Maybe the answer is to end the bleeting about this issue and stop eating meat. That way we can save the terrified horses, cows, sheep,pigs and maybe even ourselves! Vegetarianism is no bad thing.

Villa Arcadio Hotel, Lake Garda

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It’s not just the splendour of the building and its wonderful, far reaching views over Lake Garda that make the Villa Arcadio such a delightful, secret find.
It’s  the joy and warmth that  Finnish owner, Jaana, brings to her hotel that makes one feel so utterly relaxed and infinitely welcome.
Not once did I walk in from exploring the gorgeous town of Salo, stretched around the placid lake, without Jaana greeting me with her smile and offering an aperitif, or a sauna, or whatever assistance she could. Nothing is too much trouble.
So very soon you’ve settled into this converted monastery, with vaulted ceilings, painted white beams, and glass walls which let the light flood in, and made it your home from home.
The 18-room boutique hotel is filled with stylish artefacts hand picked from Finland and across Italy, the glasses, sculptures, paintings and sofas.
I loved my room with its crisp cotton sheets, perfect pillows and deliciously comfortable bed.
Below my window was a grassy slope of vines and olives trees, and beyond that the glistening lake and surrounding mountains, all quite sublime when you open your curtains first thing in the morning.

The restaurant is fabulous, with fresh home grown produce, delicious breakfast eggs still warm from their hens, and impeccable service. I had a top class dinner here and the best one in Salo.
What more could you want for a weekend break from London.
I went in autumn when the walk to Salo was filled with birdsong and spectacular russet coloured trees.
A serene town, Salo seems to float on the lake and reflect its Palazzos on the glassy surface in the soft light.
Boats bob on the water, fishermen gaze into the distance, locals walk their dogs, and the women look as stylish as ever.
Only down the road from Milan the shopping is ultra good for a tiny town and had me hooked, in spite of concerns over how to get all my  new clothes into a weekend suitcase.
Needless to say I managed, and ended up carrying far more than one coat I can tell you!

Via Palazzino 2, Salo (00 39 0365 42281)

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

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The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is more than just one of the world’s most splendid hotels, it’s almost a piece of history. Evelyn Waugh sat on the terrace writing Mad Dogs and Englishmen, John Le Carre sipped cocktails while he finished off The Honourable Schoolboy, and Somerset Maugham recovered from raging malaria in one of the grand, airy bedrooms.

Writers have kept coming here to feel the magic, sit on the banks of the Chao Praya and watch the play of light on the moody river.The secret,leafy corners beside the swimming pool, or shadowy Bamboo Bar where they belt out jazz, nurture the romance of this stately hotel, which has lured royalty, heads of state, artists and travellers for 136 years now. Even though Bangkok calls, you can get lost in the world within The Oriental and struggle to leave.

Breakfast unfolds with dazzling variety and slick, long-serving staff key in to exactly how you like things done. Quaint wooden shuttle boats take you across river to the utterly relaxing, luxurious Spa. Lie under the palms beside the gold mosaic pool for a long lunch, and float into the Authors Lounge for the genteel, best-in-Bangkok afternoon tea. Up for a shower to the most comfortable, stylish room with a view, butler on hand, and everywhere the endlessly helpful and warm-hearted staff. My dinner of choice is the Riverside Terrace where the river twinkles with lights and the buffet is really fresh, or the Shanghai style China House for something more exotic. Even the foyer has a breathtaking allure,with massive flower arrangements hanging from the ceiling and a classy quartet playing Bach to raise ones spirits even higher. Need I go on? Indeed, there is more. Who says leavingThe Oriental is ever going to be easy. The only comfort I offer myself is the enduring hope of going back to the only hotel ( and this comes from a world traveller) that makes me want to leave home and move in for life.