Laurence Fox on devastating break-up from Billie Piper

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Laurence Fox

M&S Xmas ad comes whirly – Sunday People

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Sicilian Seduction

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Helen Mirren and her bikini body

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Helen Mirren

Lynne Owens

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Esther Rantzen

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Pistorius bail conditions to be tougher than all others

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Germanwings recovery boss speaks out for the first time

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Alps Crash

Paul Watson, risking his life to save the planet

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The man is hugely inspirational. While the rest of us are getting on with making more money, dealing with our domestic world, and stressing over the day’s shopping, he’s risking his life to save the planet.
Paul Watson and his volunteers go into treacherous conditions in the Antarctic, on highly dangerous missions to stop the aggressive, bloody, Japanaese whaling fleet from brutally killing humpback and fin whales. These butchers use harpoons which explode the whales organs and decimate their bodies for around 35 minutes of excruciating, unimaginable pain. “ I cannot abide doing nothing, “ is Paul’s maxim.
Consequently, his is the only ship down there trying to stop this illegal atrocity which no government is willing to bother with, even though the Japanese are contravening all the laws and treaties in place. Paul, a Canadian, founded Greenpeace, but left because they don’t believe in direct action, and quite rightly in my view, he calls them nothing more than a feelgood organisation. He is a modern day pirate of the high seas and his clients are the whales, dolphins, seals and all marine life.
His next mission, which launches on December 7th, will see him take the most dangerous steps of his brave life – in a new fast vessel he will try to intercept the harpoon boats and position himself between them and the 36,000 kilogram whales, the creatures known for their intelligence and renowned for their extraordinary, complex songs. He has told the crew that they must be willing to die for the whales as that is exactly what could happen. He believes that each of us can make a difference, that great change comes about with indviduals who channel their passion, and I firmly believe this too, as with my Campaign to stop the Slaughter of Leatherback Turtles. One small step, and the belief, is the way to get there.

The following is a audio clip of my recent interview with Paul Watson:

Paul Watson speaking about his upcoming trip


What happened to Jeff Kinney when he made millions on Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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How many people would love to make millions? Become multi-millionaires after all those years of trying to get their talent recognised. Those bleak times when doors were being slammed in their faces, and hope dashed with one breezy line or other like, Sorry, no thanks, good luck. Then, suddenly, that shining mesmerising moment when the break-through happens, gathering momentum, with all the accompanying fanfare and the cash pouring in. Now they can live the dream.
It happened to children’s writer, Jeff Kinney, whose crafty, funny, witty books, The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, have even beaten Obama’s autobiography in the charts and knocked Dan Brown off the Number One slot.
The unusual, extraordinary difference is that Jeff wants none of the glamour, glitz, and luxury his sudden fortune could bring. The private planes, diamonds, Armani wardrobes, house in Malibu, penthouse overlooking Central Park, chauffeurs to drive his young sons to school. In fact he can think of nothing worse. He wants to live in Plainville, wear Dads’ jeans, drive an old car and keep his boys’ lives as simple and ordinary as possible. He wants to help out with the school baseball team, eat the same food and keep his head down. Next year, when Fox releases the movie of the sensational, fast-selling books, he’s going to have to try even harder to remain anonymous. But in this day of celebrity madness, consumerism and lack of spirituality, Jeff’s a cool guy who stands apart.

Here another clip of my interview with Jeff where he discusses how the fame of his book series has impacted his life:

Jeff Kinney Interview – Clip #3

Listen to the previous two audio clips from my interview with Jeff Kinney.

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