About Sharon Feinstein

Sharon Feinstein
Born in Zimbabwe, daughter of a prominent local doctor, Sharon left to study English literature at Edinburgh University.
She achieved a first class honours and won the Janet Christie Bequest to study abroad. Clutching her wad of prize money, she drove to Florence and lived in an old farmhouse for 8 months studying at the British Institute and enjoying Tuscany.
She returned to Scotland and lived in a remote cottage in Argyll for some years writing a novel and walking in the hills.
She came to London and started life as a journalist with small speculative pieces for magazines, and then her first major interview for a Sunday newspaper, with the legendary Cliff Richard, who had visited her home town of Bulawayo playing at the one and only concert hall when she was growing up.
She spent some time in New York, and sailing off Long Island, and then her career in London began in earnest.
She helped to raise money for a premature baby unit at a London hospital with a well received 3 part series, interviewed soap stars, traveled with leading rock bands of the time like Freddie Mercury, Splandau Ballet, Rod Stewart, interviewed everyone from lifers to long-haul pilots, venerable British figures like Robin Day and David Dimbleby, and American actors like Angelina Jolie and Leonardo Di Caprio.
She did a series of interviews with surrogate mothers and lottery winners, rescued a lioness with Born Free, and helped raise money for endangered seals in the Hebrides.
She has also worked with London nightclubs.
A lover of travel, she has written about Thailand, Crete, Tuscany, Scotland, and the Caribbean.
Her passions include tennis, working out, playing the saxophone, fresh air, and being on the sea.
Who knows where she’ll find fulfillment next.