Israel the wrong direction for Ire

Posted in SharonSpeak on August 3rd, 2014 by Sharon Feinstein

What barbaric logic allows a leadership to use children, women and babies as weapons of war and even praise them for their martyrdom! I am baffled as to why the people of Gaza don’t turn on Hamas! Is it because they’re too busy trying to shelter without any bomb shelters or warning sirens as are in place in Israel and would be in any civilised country under threat? Or is it because they’re unable to have a voice against the brutal terror group ? People must stop misplacing their natural heartfelt compassion with the dying Palestinians as a right to turn against Israel and direct their high emotion towards the truly evil Hamas, who will stop at nothing to destroy Israel including slicing through the hearts of their own people . And by the way well done to Jon Voight- who has always been very good to me- for standing up for Israel and it’s beleaguered PR fight in the rest of the world