End the bleeting about horsemeat and become a vegetarian

Posted in SharonSpeak on February 17th, 2013 by Sharon Feinstein

I haven’t eaten meat for fifteen odd years and try very hard not to scowl and mutter when my friends get stuck into a juicy steak, even the ones who are doting dog lovers and dare to drone on about how much they adore animals. Until they fancy a burger that is!
But frankly I can no longer keep my mouth shut about the furore over horse meat.

It beats me what is everyone so outraged about.
It’s not the horse drug Bute because our chief medical officer says people would have to scoff 500 horse burgers a day to be affected by this.
Nor is it a tender sense of outrage over the poor horses who are being slaughtered and hung upside down to dry off, or people wouldn’t be eating all the other creatures they love to get their teeth into. Why are horses any different?
( Incidentally I saw a press screening of Hally Berry’s new movie Cloud Atlas where they hang  naked human bodies upside down  in 2044, clasped around the ankles and all dangling in rows before being fed to a meat grinder. How horrible is that, but then people do that to animals without any qualms, so there you go)
Apparently the horse meat outrage is because all the millions of sensitive, just, meat eaters have been lied to!
There lies the rub. But haven’t we all been lied to on a daily basis  for a very long time, by bankers, politicians, businessmen, even our partners it seems.
Maybe the answer is to end the bleeting about this issue and stop eating meat. That way we can save the terrified horses, cows, sheep,pigs and maybe even ourselves! Vegetarianism is no bad thing.