Death in Perugia, will Amanda Knox ever really be free?

Posted in SharonSpeak on October 5th, 2011 by Sharon Feinstein

amanda_knox_free?Will Amanda Knox ever really be free and will Meredith Kercher’s murder ever really be explained ? A heavy shroud of inconclusiveness and unease hangs over the entire tragedy. The tragedy of Meredith’s untimely, brutal death and that of Amanda Knox and Raphaelle Sollecito, who have lost 1400 days of their lives , if not all the rest of their days on many levels. As Amanda Knox and Raphaelle’s convictions were overturned, the crowds outside the dark, ancient, courtroom jeered and cried out, Vergogna, shame ! Many have launched into the anti-Americanisms one always dreads hearing, as one dreads hearing all those predictable, vicious, racist remarks. “ It’s a judicial error to free the Americans with all their money, “ said one woman. Amanda Knox goes home to a heroine’s welcome, but with so many disbelievers out there, will she ever be free? A trail of doubt follows in her wake, the unsolved murder of a young, innocent British girl still lies at her doorstep and will haunt her all her living days, just as Meredith’s death will haunt each day of her ever-so-dignified family’s lives for the rest of time. Meredith’s mother, Arline Kercher, has so sadly and poignantly said she would never move from the family home in Coulsdon, Surrey. Why? Because if she did Meredith wouldn’t know where she was. The case is a hideous catalogue of suffering and savagery for all concerned. Even the ancient hilltop city of Perugia near the river Tiber, surrounded by verdant valleys and cypress trees, will forever more have the shroud of the young girl’s slaughter hanging over it. Death in Perugia and still one asks, Who really did it and why?