London’s Aflame

Posted in SharonSpeak on August 9th, 2011 by Sharon Feinstein

Having just come back from the most idyllic holiday in Crete, suffused with a sense of peace and serenity, it’s a total contrast to confront the absolute mayhem in the UK Capital, and extremely frightening. Police have warned that my square is within a target area tonight, and all across London buildings are on fire, cars torched, businesses ransacked and homes smashed to smithereens. Londoners are walking around in shock and incredulity unable to fathom what is happening around us. It’s just engulfed us so suddenly and violently it beggars belief. My family live in Johannesburg and I’m always telling them how they need to leave crime city, but now I really can’t talk from any different standpoint. London is lawless and who knows whether the 16,000 police ordered onto the streets will be able to stem this tidal wave. And how are we going to pay the £100 million bill of the estimated destruction so far when no one has any money and taxes are at record highs. No chance of a pint of milk tonight with shops boarded up and things changing hour to hour. A kind of war going on here, and an economic war raging and zinging round the world at the same time. How to see the glass half full at this stage is eluding me, for the moment.