The Royal Wedding

Posted in SharonSpeak on April 27th, 2011 by Sharon Feinstein

I haven’t been onto my own blog site for a long time, which is a serious desertion of duty, and I must apologise to all followers.
And as regards the Royal Wedding you’re under an avalanche of stuff about it already, so I won’t add my own opinions or comments.
Just to say that I’ve interviewed Camilla Parker Bowles’ lovely hair colourist, Jo Hansford, a vibrant, enterprising, passionate and extremely talented woman.
She had some very amusing comments to make about her client of 20 years, the rather jolly and intriguing Camilla Parker Bowles.
Camilla had just left the salon on the morning I did my interview with Jo, her last touch up with honey coloured low lights in time for the appearance at Westminster Abbey in front of, effectively, 2 billion people.

Jo, who was awarded the MBE for her services, at a very moving ceremony with Princess Anne, told how Camilla’s chief emotion is anxiety and concern in relation to this wedding.
But Why? How can that be? Are the couple not well-matched? Is there something we don’t know.
Well actually that’s the wrong track.
It’s all to do with a little 3-year-old who will be walking down the aisle, a very long way, with the Royal entourage. Prince William’s god-daughter-little Eliza Lopes- is the three-year old granddaughter of Camilla Parker Bowles—William’s stepmother, and Camilla is apparently very worried about her.
Jo said—-I think Camilla’s quite worried about what her granddaughter’s going to do, they’re going to look cute, as long as they walk, they’ll be taken away once the ceremony gets going. They’ll be given a box of sweeties to shut them up. As long as they make it up, its a hell of a long walk. Imagine all those people. I don’t know Kate so I wasn’t invited, but I went to Camilla’s and Charles’ wedding.”
Ah!! All 2 billion eyes will be on those little faces and what will inevitably be their gorgeous, sweet frocks. But will the little ones make it up? That’s one of the many exciting moments to come!!!