He may have blown himself up in Stockholm, but he was radicalised in Britain, and the roll call goes on

Posted in SharonSpeak on December 18th, 2010 by Sharon Feinstein

He may have blown himself up in Stockholm, but he was radicalised in Britain, and the roll call goes on. This time it was Iraqi-born Al-Abdaly who moved here from Sweden nine years ago to study in one of our universities, which I’m not sure he ever even enrolled in, unless it was in the dark arts of how to blow up people and destroy families’ lives. There was the shoe bomber Richard Reid, the man with the exploding underpants, and the perpetrators of the horrific 7/7. Young British men who have been exposed to the rantings of extremist preachers, most likely in Luton, Finsbury Park or on the internet. I understand that the Secret Services are weighed down monitoring the chatter from the Islamist threat, and that we’re spending millions every year in our efforts to track the jihad, but why aren’t we more alert to the very obvious, open threats germinating in our midst. The police know exactly who the Mad Mullahs are, the mosques know who their extremists are, and communities know when one of their men exhibits worrying extremist tendencies and disappears to a terrorist training camp in Yemen. In the case of Al-Abdaly, an iman from Luton revealed that he tried to convince him that Islam was a peace-loving religion, to no avail, but never thought to bring his disciple’s extremism to the attention of the police. We have to assume that madmen like him are proliferating around Britain and must be rooted out before they head off to Yemen and come back with bombs in their shoes, underpants or rucksacks. The Inquest into 7/7 really brought home to the nation just how vile and horrific the jihad in our midst actually is. The authorities cannot do this alone, it must be down to people power, mosques, communities and vigilant neighbours to protect each other, our children, tubes, planes. We must stop more and more of these maniacs from slipping through the nets.